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If you are tired of the default Windows audio conversion. Startup Sound Changer is a customization application that lets you change the default startup sound of your computers to your liking. It’s a pretty simple program, but great to try if you want to confuse computer sounds. The classic TuneEveryone, who is used to using Windows computers, should definitely know the classic sound from scratch. The boot sound is the computer playback every time it is restarted. It’s one of the sounds that people always associate with Windows, mainly because it’s one of the sounds that can never be modified.
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By default, Windows allows you to customize the appearance of your operating system, including wallpaper, screensaver, audio theme for different commands, and even mouse appearance. Still, Windows won’t let you go too far. And if you want to change some other functions that are locked by default, you have to turn to the third party (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Time changes The boot audio changer is one of the third-party applications that allows you to change the boot sound of your computer. The application has been created and developed almost as its name implies. Allows you to set any audio file as a new startup sound so you can hear it each time you open your computer. This application has only three functions. Playing allows you to listen to the current startup audio file, so you can check if any changes have been made. Alternatively, by replacing it, you can replace the existing audio with a new audio file. However, it must be in WAV format. Finally, Undo restores the changes and lets you return to the default tone. However, users should be aware that they must have administrator permission to make changes. This AllStartup audio changer is pretty good for a customization app. Unfortunately, it is quite small and unambiguous. Also, while you don’t need to install it, it doesn’t have any shortcuts that you can easily access. So if you want to make changes again, you’ll need to have the file downloaded to run. Other functions are also seriously missing. Also, it only receives WAV files. You may want an updated version, Winaero Tweaker, because there are other customization tools on the side…

Startup Sound Changer


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