Zoho CRM Plus

The Zoho CRM Plus application suite is integrated in advance and can be used immediately. We develop our apps from the ground up within the same ecosystem and give your customer teams access to shared customer data and a unified user experience from a single console.

Cross-team communication

Today’s customers can be addressed through multiple channels. Zoho CRM Plus offers the industry’s first multi-channel customer care platform that enables you to bridge the gap between your sales, marketing and support teams. Ensure the best possible customer experience across all channels: phone, email, live chat, surveys and social media.

Interaction across multiple channels

In order to get a clearer picture of the customer, all available data must be used together. Make sure that you collect and analyze customer data in all channels in real time and use it profitably.

Insights and information

Customer insights and information are key to a positive customer experience.
Zoho CRM Plus supports your customer teams in gathering information and gaining insights from the many points of contact in today’s complex customer life cycle.


We define productivity as improving and simplifying your business processes. From prospect to receipt of payment and everything in between, with Zoho CRM Plus you can convert all your complex business processes into automated, efficient workflows. Improve every area of ​​your business, across all departments, and ensure that your teams can work efficiently.

Team performance at a glance

KPIs help you highlight sales goals and create customizable dashboards. You can track and review the progress of your teams on a regular basis, whether it’s converting new leads into customers or generating new potential customers. Based on this information, you use certain customized strategies to increase team performance and congratulate the team on achieving its goals.