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Apex Polymers (Pvt) Ltd. is the polymer products producing company in Pakistan, it specializes in industrial, corporate and consumer products. The primary focus is on organizing financials and production operations that highlight the potential ‘trade’ possesses in terms of enriching Pakistan’s economy. The products, raw materials, and quality of the produced products of this company enable international and local companies to trade efficiently. Apex Polymers Private Limited intends to implement full proof financial system to manage its day to day operations.

The company holds a factory in KPK Pakistan on a large vicinity. Apex wants to implement a system through which it can monitor its Receivables, Payables, Financial Cash Flows and Forecasting.

Apex Polymers Private Limited wants entire business performance and activities to be monitored via mobile phone application as well.


The CEO of Apex Polymers, Saleem Khan Tanoli, explained the consultants of Leaders Corporate that they are suffering through:

  • Unable to manage the Financial Data
  • Unable to tract the monetary funds and vendor balances
  • Losing their financial data confidentiality
  • In secure communication between the vendors and customers
  • Lacking in business processes


Leader’s deployed its industry expert consultants to cater the requirement of Apex Ploymers in following manner:

  • Implementation of Procure to Pay Process
  • Implementation of Asset Hire to Retire Process
  • Implementation of Order to Cash Process
  • Implementation of Statement of Financial Positions


  • For Apex Financial Process, Document AS IS Situation, Document To Be state and undertake GAP Analysis.
  • Design , develop , test and implement the solution
  • Integrate the solution with external systems
  • Project Management, Governance and Compliance with Apex Audit Standards.
  • Support FAKT in managing Zoho Books.

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