FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. is the leading exhibitions, conferences and event organizing company in Pakistan, it specializes in industrial, corporate and consumer exhibitions. The primary focus is on organizing exhibitions that highlight the potential ‘trade’ possesses in terms of enriching Pakistan’s economy. The trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences enable international and local decision makers to gain valuable market insight, network with prospective clients, launch or promote new products and most importantly provide innovators a platform to shine.


  • To manage the leads arriving from different sources such as Emails, Social Site and Website
  • A complete data transfer of a lead to contact.
  • To maintain rigorous follow-ups for clients over email and calls
  • Track a complete activity for communication between client and vendor
  • Conversion of a contact into an Account
  • Detail Account Management, including tracking and follow-ups.
  • End to end life cycle of a Deal from Qualification to Invoicing.
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Customized Reports


The CEO of FAKT Exhibitions, Saleem Khan Tanoli, explained the consultants of Leaders Corporate that they are suffering through:

  • Unable to manage the large volume of customer’s data.
  • Unable to identify potential and strong leads
  • Losing their key customers contact details
  • In secure communication between the company and its customers.
  • Lacking in Lead to Deal Process


Leader’s deployed its industry expert consultants to cater the requirement of FAKT Exhibitions in following manner:

  • Classification of all customers categorically in their desired branches.
  • Enabled FAKT to run their marketing campaigns and forecast their sales.
  • Assurance of data security and their cloud backups
  • Implementation of entire end to end process (lead to deal)


  • For FAKT’s CRM process, Document AS IS Situation, Document To Be state and undertake GAP Analysis.
  • Design , develop , test and implement the solution
  • Integrate the solution with external systems
  • Project Management, Governance and Compliance with FAKT’s Audit Standards.
  • Support FAKT in managing Zoho CRM.

Growth Statistics

  • Growth Income
  • Net Income