Odoo Vs Zoho CRM

The key element of success for a corporate organization mainly depends upon the software applications they choose to function on. Furthermore, in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, this choice is very critical due to budget constraints.

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Comparison- Odoo Vs Zoho CRM

Odoo operates as a complete business management software that covers every corner of the company operation. Whereas Zoho CRM can be only utilised for CRM operations, sales, accounting and project management operations and associated which is limited compared to Odoo. Furthermore, Zoho CRM cannot be used for sophisticated operations which range from small company operations. On the contrary, Odoo can be customized to deal with any mode of company operations on any scale of business.

Odoo has a community that supports the platform with development, additional add ons, blogs and other aspects concerning Odoo which is lacking in Zoho. Additionally, the Odoo community has developed more than 25,500 applications which will help the users in running their business efficiently. Moreover, the Odoo community edition comes free of charge which will be suitable for industries with minimal users and employees. Whereas the Zoho CRM has a subscription fee and is way costlier than the Odoo enterprise edition which is suitable for SMEs and large scale industries.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a business application developed in 1996 which started focusing on SaaS services in 2004. Zoho CRM is an application which occupies 30+ applications for the business management operations of the company. In addition, the platform is online available as a cloud-based version and has a mobile version to access. Furthermore, the platform can be availed based on a subscription basis however, there is an exception in the case of the user limit being below 10.

In addition, there are four editions of Zoho CRM which can be accessed based on the needs of the user such as, standard, professional, enterprise and CRM plus. Here the comparison is done on the professional edition.

Odoo is a highly modular open source software for business management where a dedicated module will carry out the respective functions in the company. Furthermore, there are two editions of Odoo which can be availed by the user, one being the community edition, comes free of charge and limited to failures and no customizations possible. The other one being the enterprise edition which is loaded with features and can be customized to the very end however, it comes with a license fee.

In addition, the operations of Odoo mainly depend upon the hosting aspect of your requirement which can be done on-premises, web hosting( dedicated server, shared server or cloud-based) and as Saas(Odoo online). Moreover, the hostings can be considered based on your requirements and operations parameters. Additionally, the back-bone of Odoo is the community which consists of Odoo developers, consultants, partners and supporting staff who are there for you 24/7 to help you with Odoo related aspects. Furthermore, this community has developed more than 27,000 supporting applications that are oriented for special applications in the business operations to run the company as per your standards.

odoo demo

CRM features

Zoho CRM
Leads Management
Mange leads check check
Lead scoring times check
Deduplication check check
Sales Quotations check times
Leads Acquisition
Emails Integration check check
Contact Forms check check
Website Call-To-Action check times
Bulk import check check
Sales Pipeline
Manage opportunities check check
Pipeline Managemen check times
Filter Pipeline by Expected/ Closing Dates times check
Log Calls check check
Pre scripted/Automated Next Actions check times
Relationship management
Describe Companies * check check
Describe Contacts check check
Adding photos in Contacts check times
Multiple Contacts per Company check check


Zoho CRM
Sales Quotations check check
Describe Pricelists check times
Create Quotation Templates check times
eSignature check times
Online Payment check times
Multiple unit of measure check times
Sales Order
Create Sales Orders check check
Invoice for sales check check
Enable Customer Portal check times
Shipping method Integration (Cost+Tracking) check times
Manage subscription check times


Zoho CRM
Leads Generation
Mass Mailing check check
Online Lead Capture check check
Lead Tracking check times
Leads Nurturing
Conduct Events check times
Broadcast Surveys check check
Define blogs check times


Zoho CRM
Reports check check
Activity Analysis check check
Pipeline Analysis check check
Sales Analysis check check
Invoice Analysis check check
Sales Forecasts check check
Commissions check check
Recurring Business check times
Report Engine
Dynamic Graphs check check
Dynamic Pivot Table check times
Customizable Dashboard check times

Productivity & usability

Zoho CRM
VOIP Integration check check
Calendar Integration check check
Realtime Chat check times
Ability to Add Fields check check
Email Integration check check
Email Templates check times


Zoho CRM
Full Web Interface check check
Mobile App check check
Multi-language check check
API check check
Apps Store check times

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