Odoo Vs MS Dynamics AX

An ideal business management solution can be the keystone for your success both in aspects of productivity and profitability. Odoo and MS Dynamics AX can be coined as the two of the best ERPs available which has its pros and cons of operations in a company. M S Dynamics A X a product from Microsoft which is marketed as a business application whereas Odoo is a business management solution that helps the users to control, monitor, and perform the company operations in a reliable, efficient, and effective manner.




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Odoo Vs M S dynamics – A Comparison

Both Odoo and MS Dynamics AX have their pros and cons of operations which can be both suitable and catastrophic respectively in a company’s operations. However, Odoo has a larger customer base with more than 12 million users around the world which compared to MS Dynamics A X. Furthermore, The community edition of Odoo comes free of cost which can be helpful for startups and small scale industries. Moreover, the customizability aspects of the Odoo ERP along with a large selection of add ons which are application-specific provides an extra nudge in the operating ability of the platform compared to M S Dynamics A X.

In addition, the extensibility of the Odoo allows the platform to be operated as an out-of-box system with the integration abilities of third-party devices and applications. In addition, the add ons available for Odoo from the community will allow the user to configure it as per the requirements which are limited in M S Dynamics A X.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes both ERP and CRM (SaaS) components. The ERP system can be installed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with an access fee. In addition, there are two licenses available to an external service provider: a perpetual license and a subscription license. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, the integration of both Dynamics NAV and CRM features in your business operation would be helpful for finance, marketing, and sales departments as it has specific modules to deal with them. Additionally, MS Dynamics is used by more than 19,000 Companies around 30+ Countries with 12,000+ user group members over 25 Languages.

Odoo Enterprise

Odoo the open-source suite provides two editions namely enterprise and community editions, which can be hosted On-Premise, Cloud, or on Odoo Sh. Additionally, these hostings can be selected by the user by analyzing their needs and requirements. In addition, the backbone of Odoo is the Odoo Community which consists of Odoo partners, developers, and other supporting staff. Furthermore, the Odoo community has developed more than 27,000 supporting applications that can be configured and customized together for user-specific needs, Moreover, these add ons can be availed from the Odoo apps store which certain are paid and others can cave availed for free.

Moreover, Odoo also provides separate dedicated apps for each business function. Therefore, any industry can adapt and use a few apps from the beginning and can add further functional modules as the business grows. Odoo enterprise is used for comparison here, a complete business management solution that can be customized using the Odoo studio apps to meet the company needs. The software can be configured to operate in SMEs to attain greater productivity and profitability.

odoo demo

Inventory Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Storage Locations
Bin Replenishmentcheckcheck
Mobile Device Supportcheckcheck
Automatic ASN
(Advanced Shipping Notice)
Package Management / Cartoningcheckcheck
Freight Carrier Integrationchecktimes
Manage Consignee Stockschecktimes
(Electronic Data Interchange)
Non-Stocked Inventory *checktimes
Multiple Variantschecktimes
Multiple Units of Measurecheckcheck
Inter-class UoM Conversion *checkcheck
Variant Matrixtimescheck
Lots / Serialscheckcheck
Up / Down Traceabilitychecktimes
360° Traceability *checktimes
Expiration Datescheckcheck
Cycle Countingcheckcheck
Inventory Forecastscheckcheck
Inventory Valuationscheckcheck
ABC Analysis times
Barcode Support
QR Code Supporttimestimes
RFID Supporttimestimes
Lots / Serial Numberschecktimes
Internal Moveschecktimes
Delivery Orderschecktimes
Inventory Adjustmentschecktimes
FIFO / LIFOcheckcheck
Customizable Routes *checktimes
Putaway Strategieschecktimes
Wave Pickingchecktimes
Batch Pickingtimescheck
Zone Pickingchecktimes
Cluster Pickingchecktimes
Putaway Location By Size, Weight, & Capacitytimestimes


Microsoft Dynamics AX
Master Data
Multi-Level BoMcheckcheck
Byproducts / Coproductscheckcheck
One BoM for Multiple Product Variantschecktimes
BoM versionscheckcheck
Multiple BoM / Routing *checkcheck
Demand Forecastingcheckcheck
MRP I Schedulercheckcheck
MRP II Scheduler *checkcheck
Master Production Schedulecheckcheck
Gantt Chart Scheduling w / Drag & Dropcheckcheck
Kanban Planningcheckcheck
Production Calendarchecktimes
Infinite Capacity Schedulingcheckcheck
Finite Capacity Schedulingtimescheck
Available to Promisetimescheck
Multiple Scheduling Planstimescheck
Delivery Date Calculation
(Backwards Scheduling)
Production Order Splitting / Mergingtimescheck
Manufacturing / Production Orderscheckcheck
Job Trackingcheckcheck
Work Orders / Operationscheckcheck
Automated Time Trackingcheckcheck
Disassembly Orderscheckcheck
Subcontract Manufacturingcheckcheck
Rework / Repaircheckcheck
Disposal Strategiescheckcheck
Edit Individual Production BoMstimescheck
Perpetual Inventory Valuation *checkcheck
Periodic Inventory Valuation *checkcheck
Standard Pricecheckcheck
Landed Costschecktimes
Actual Production Laborchecktimes
Production Order Costingcheckcheck
Shop Floor Control
Shop Floor Terminalschecktimes
Production Activitiescheckcheck
Non-Produciton Activities *checktimes
Time Trackingchecktimes
Messages on Work Orderschecktimes
Barcode Supportcheckcheck
Equipment / Machine Managementchecktimes
Work Instructions on Work Orderschecktimes
Maintenance Requests from Shop Floor Terminalchecktimes
Human Resources
Schedule Managementcheckcheck
Touchscreen Attendancechecktimes
Vacation / Injurycheckcheck
Reporting and Forecasting
Overall Equipment Efficiencychecktimes
Work Timecheckcheck
Demand Forecastcheckcheck
Maintenance KPIschecktimes
Production Costs Analysischeckcheck
Up / Downstream Traceabilitycheckcheck
Analytic Accountingchecktimes
CSV Exportchecktimes
Dynamic Pivot Tableschecktimes
Save Custom Reportscheckcheck

Supply Chain

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Vendor Data Managementcheckcheck
Vendor Pricelist Managementcheckcheck
Inbound Quality Controlcheckcheck
Purchase Requestscheckcheck
Purchase Orderscheckcheck
Purchase Approval Worflowcheckcheck
Request for Quotationscheckcheck
Contracts / Purchase Agreementstimescheck
Automated Procurements
Minimum Stock Rules *checkcheck
Master Production Schedulecheckcheck


Microsoft Dynamics AX
Scheduling and Request Handling
Schedule Preventive Maintenancechecktimes
Maintenance Kanbanchecktimes
Maintenance Calendarchecktimes
Shop Floor Integrationchecktimes
Multiple Teams / Siteschecktimes
Asset Managementchecktimes
Subcontract Repairchecktimes
Job Trackingcheckcheck
Parts Management
Inventory Managementcheckcheck
Purchasing Integrationcheckcheck
Rotating Asset Locationchecktimes
Equipment Serial Numberschecktimes
Equipment Maintenance Historychecktimes
Dealer Portalchecktimes

Product Lifecycle Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Engineering Change Orders
BoM Version Managementcheckcheck
Routing Version Managementcheckcheck
MRP Integrationcheckcheck
Centralized BoM Managementcheckcheck
ECO Management
Approval Workflowscheckcheck
BoM Version Difference Viewerchecktimes
Bulk BoM Updateschecktimes
Notification Mechanismcheckcheck
Project eMail Gatewaycheckcheck
ECO Costingtimestimes
Third-Party CAD Integrations


Microsoft Dynamics AX
Quality Control
At Receptioncheckcheck
Before Deliverycheckcheck
Inventory Quarentinecheckcheck
Quality Checks
Quality Control Plancheckcheck
Pass / Fail Checkscheckcheck
Measurement Checkscheckcheck
Quality Alerts / Nonconformance Documentscheckcheck
Print Nonconformance Documentstimescheck
Corrective Actionscheckcheck
ISO9001 Tools
Documentation Managementcheckcheck
Customer Satisfaction Surveyschecktimes
Customer Complaints Managementcheckcheck
Traceability of Operationscheckcheck
Resources Managementcheckcheck
Nonconformance Coststimescheck

User Interface

Any ERP let it be anyone should be considered to have a good user interface since only then the productivity and effectiveness of the companies employees would be increased in turn increasing the company profit. In certain aspects of a business organization for employees spending countless hours of working on the platform the interface ability should be considered by the organizations while installing an ERP. For instance, a courier service channel where the employees work outdoors. So considering them the system should be portable and easy to access due to their work conditions.

Below are the screenshots of various ERPs from which the user can obtain basic information of the interface ability. It can be understood that a single screenshot would never provide you with a clear outline of the ERP but a descriptive comparison would.

User Interface – Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics AX – Dashboard


Microsoft Dynamics AX – List of Vendors

User Interface – Odoo


Odoo – BoM


Odoo – Production Scheduling


Usability & Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Full Web Interfacechecktimes
Responsive Mobile UIchecktimes
Android Native Appchecktimes
iOS Native Apptimestimes
Market Place
App Store / Add-onschecktimes
Subjective Ratings
Ease of Useicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon
Navigation and Searchicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon
Data Entryicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon
Mobile Appicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon
Reports Flexibilityicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon

Customer Satisfaction


Microsoft Dynamics AX
G2crowd rating4.1/54.4/5
GetApp rating5/55/5
Capterra rating4.5/55/5
Capterra ratingicon icon icon icon iconicon icon icon icon icon

Pricing & Conditions

Pricing & Conditions

Microsoft Dynamics AX
PRICING *$25 / user / month$2,000 – $6,000 / user
Contract DurationMonthly / AnnualPerpetual
Five Year Cost, 50 Users$75,000$100,000 – $300,000
Free Trialchecktimes
New Version Upgrades Includedcheckcheck
Update Service Includedtimestimes
Cloud Offer Availablecheckcheck

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