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Stay updated with all your customer and employee communication without going back and forth with various applications – do all these with Odoo.


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Traditionally, businesses handle email updates, chats, texts, newsfeeds, and notifications manually. However, At Leaders Corporate, Odoo’s ERP System for Internal Communication streamlines these tasks by automating communication through chat windows, email notifications, and even Twitter mentions. This innovative system ensures a seamless and efficient exchange of information, reducing the need for manual intervention in various communication channels. With Odoo’s ERP System, businesses can enhance their internal communication processes, ultimately saving time and increasing productivity by automating these essential aspects of modern business communication.

The Odoo ERP platform is more than a tool, it’s an all-around ERP Solution for marketing and business management.

In addition,Odoo ERP System for Internal Communication also lets you do:

  • Create and participate in private discussions with groups/customers/employees
  • Subscribe to chat or group channels
  • Invite users to your secret or private groups
  • Updated notifications via email
  • Create channels for specific projects, departments or interests
  • Manage notifications – Make sure important notifications gets through while minimizing interruptions.

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Odoo ERP applies industry knowledge & global experience to transform your business.

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Our Odoo Developers understand industries Insideout & help you with fresh ideas to revolutionize your Business.

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With years of experience developing IT Software, We deliver high-quality solutions. The past few years have taught us to avoid mistakes & repeat success.

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Development teams stay in touch with clients through media & channels that provide performance, transparency, & accuracy.

Odoo ERP Business Apps for Internal and External Communications

Take back control and stay updated in real-time with innovative ERP System for Internal communication.

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