How Odoo 16 Features Helps Business Organizations? 

Odoo is growing every year. The overall performance and user interface of Odoo have seen some significant modifications over the course of the last few editions. Each Odoo upgrade has brought many new and highly useful features and this time is no exception. Odoo 16 reflects what we have grown to appreciate and also offers an idea towards the next.

The latest version includes odoo pricing, operational speed, application performance, better user experience, and many more to manage your ERP requirements efficiently. Odoo’s innate nature is paired with the most recent and best of ERP technology with the new Version 16.


With version 16, Odoo is delivering a few new features and has put performance first to ensure maximum performance and popularity in its field of expertise. Instead of just being an update from the previous version, the new version’s main goal is to improve Odoo’s performance. The latest version of Odoo, version 16, is the quickest, friendliest, and most advanced of its predecessors.  Every page in the backend loads and renders 3.7 times more quickly on average. Website and eCommerce load controllers 2.7 times more quickly.

Top Odoo 16 Features

1.    Accounting Module

The accounting module has been enhanced with several new tools and features. Since invoice management and processes have been digitized, operational speed has improved. The update got new features, including:

  • New barcode app integration to inventory.
  • Autocomplete in accounting.
  • Automated batches.
  • Operation type configuration for backorder creation.

Benefits to business operations include increased efficiency, fewer operational difficulties in accounting, speedy invoice creation, and precise audit reports.

2.    HR & Sign Module

The HR and sign modules in Odoo 16 hosting service have received updates like,

  • A feature for refusing to sign has been implemented.
  • Using reports and data, it is simple to evaluate an employee’s abilities and performance over the course of a month.
  • Change or alter a worker’s allocated role in response to requests.
  • There is now a tool called “Stress Day” that lists the top priorities for each given day.
  • Checking time off, leave days, and allocations

Business advantages: Excellent resource planning, enhanced leave planning, tracking of employee performance, effective project planning, and minimizing resource allocation inconsistencies. 

3.    MRP

With Odoo 16 Support, the manufacturing module boasts a wealth of beneficial features.

  • All manufacturing orders can be divided and combined by users for a sought-after, more efficient procedure.
  • Your clients may now use the provided URL to check the progress of any sales order for manufacture.
  • The ability to delegate production registration to subcontractors has been made possible by the launch of a subcontracting portal.

Business advantage – the simplified manufacturing process, time-saving technique, greater customer transparency 

4.    Inventory Module

Odoo 16 Customization is set to bring about a number of improvements to the inventory module, right from enhancements to the addition of new functionality.

  • Instead of canceling an order every time a product in their warehouse is shown as “out of stock” enterprises will now have the alternative to initiate a backorder and obtain the product from the main supplier. Such orders will be automatically managed by the new Odoo 16 Support, resulting in less confusion.
  • Enhances automated batching and shipping procedures.
  • Updated software for calculating and estimating the visibility days remaining to replenish inventories for items or replenishment orders.
  • Force scan functionality.
  • Pick and count.
  • Postcode filter improvement.

Benefits to the company include smooth business operations, trouble-free manufacture or distribution of goods, simple scanning procedures, enhanced inventory management, a transparent system, and increased productivity. 

5.    Purchase Module

The purchase module has also benefited from several helpful modifications introduced by the Odoo 16 Implementation.

  • A “Call for Tender” option has been modified for improved performance.
  • Invoices for commercial use that adhere to industry norms.
  • Satisfying commercial standards for shipping insurance.
  • Real-time monitoring for receipt or dispatch of sales and purchase orders
  • Setting up and managing discount codes, coupons, and sales promotions.

Advantages for business – System transparency has increased, as has performance, security, and user experience. 

6.    Website Module

The following are some of the features you can anticipate seeing in the website module when choosing the Odoo 16 Hosting service:

  • A single view can be used to manage both the front end and back end of a website.
  • You will get access to a wide range of tools to customize the website however you desire.
  • When configuring a website page, you don’t really need to refresh.
  • The web pages will soon include more grouping and filtering options.
  • Based on whatever language version of the website a visitor is viewing when submitting a form, determine that visitor’s language in the CRM, Helpdesk, or Calendar (Online Appointments) apps.

Business advantages include attractive and interactive designs, time-saving tools, and numerous customization choices.

7.    Improved eCommerce

Several eCommerce apps have been improved and now offer functionalities that Odoo lacked when using only native apps. B2B companies will enjoy:

  • Request a Price
  • Only displaying prices to logged-in users
  • Pricing depends on the demand
  • Encourage catalog retailers
  • Contract pricing and authorized goods

Additional advantages include ones like,

  • Bulk Photo Upload
  • After uploading, alter the order of the photographs
  • Quicker online checkout
  • Price comparison
  • UOM display.

To conclude

Odoo 16 is projected to receive regular updates, which will help the program become more versatile, feature-rich, and user-friendly. Businesses should expect a more simplified, improved, and user-friendly experience with the addition of several new features and upgrades to modules.

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