Our CEO, Mr. Asif Qureshi conducted a webinar on ERP for Startups, along with him there was Mr. Sardar Ali, General Manager of Fed Ex.

A webinar took place featuring industry experts i.e., Mr Asif Qureshi, (CEO Leaders Corporate), Mr. Mudassir Hussain (Educationist), Mr Sardar Ali (General Manager –Fed ex) and Ms. Farah Sadiq Khan (Tech Expert). The webinar covered all the aspects and impact of current Pakistan Business Situation for start-ups.

Since country is suffering tough economic conditions it is essential to keep a proper track of processes and monetary funds. In order to keep this area secure, there is an immense need of ERP for mature organizations and as well as for start-ups.

A company may employ the most sophisticated software in the world, but unless information is managed, timely accurate and complete , the system serves little purpose.

Wayne L Staley

Click Below watch video.

The webinar was based on Current Pakistan Business Conditions, the webinar was covered by Pakistan Views and MSN as official media partners. Following professionals were part of the webinar:


  • Mr. Asif Qureshi (CEO & Founder – Leaders Corporate)
  • Mr. Mudassir Hussain (Professor – PAF KIET University)
  • Mr. Sardar Ali (General Manager – FedEx)
  • Farah Sadiq Khan (Tech Expert).


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