Leaders Corporate conducted a training for Sub ledger Accounting Posting to General Ledger on Oracle Fusion.

Training was delivered by Leaders Corporate Private Limited for Sub ledger transactions posting to General Ledger. The training was delivered on Oracle Fusion release 12.

Oracle in R12. In this example, a SLAM named STANDARD_ACCRUAL is attached to the Ledger [Set Of Book equivalent of 11i ]. As you will notice from the image below, many modules such as Leasing, Loans, Cash Management, Payables etc. are attached to this SLAM. However we are interested in modifying just the Payables piece of this SLAM

Now, back to the SLAM screen, for the custom SLAM, for Payables AAD assignment record, we attach the custom AAD to Payables. Please note that the Payables entry that is attached to custom AAD named “Accrual Basis” has now been end dated,

Once the business data have been centralized and integrated, the value of the database is greater than the sum of the pre-existing parts

Larry Ellison

How to Reach Your Goal

The training was delivered to the corporate executives of the company, following aspects and areas were covered in the training.
  • Procured to Pay Process
  • Order to Cash Process
  • Asset Hire to Retire Process
  • Subledger transfers to General Ledger



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