Brand Awareness on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the key for any campaigns in engaging huge customer segments using different social media platform penetrating to reach large targeted audience for your business in users’ mind. Our SMM strategy and purpose is to create continuous brand awareness and running a campaign for effective reminder and reinforcements about your brand.
Our team of social media marketing experts in Pakistan remain active 24/7 on every available social platform offering social media services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Wikipedia etc.

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Affordable Social Media Marketing packages or pricing plan

Pricing Plan

Attributes SMO Gold Plan SMO Platinum Plan SMO Advance
Affordable SMO cost per month PKR 35,000 per month PKR 60,000 per month PKR 100,000 per month



Facebook Fan Page Creation Yes Yes
Facebook Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes
Facebook Profile Avatar Design Once in a week Once in a week
Facebook Timeline Image Design Yes Yes
Facebook Posting 15 post monthly 20 post  monthly
Facebook Page Likes 150 250


Twitter Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Background Design Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Posting 2 post in a week 4 post in a week 7 post in a week
Twitter Followers 50 75 300



Instagram Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Regular Weekly Updates Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Posting 2 post in a week 4 post in a week 7 post in a week
Instagram Followers 50 75 400


Why Social Media Marketing is important?

Currently, businesses cannot afford to miss any opportunity that the social media marketing services offer. It does not merely offer businesses an opportunity to reach out and engage their customers but it also offers them an opportunity to drive traffic to a website. Moreover, it also presents a great opportunity for business owners to uplift their brand value in the market. Some reasons are mentioned below that will give you an understanding that why you should opt for the social media platform.



How Social Media Platform helps to grow your business

Social media Platforms can help grow your business but how we do it. The answer is easy. We work towards your brand to create a business presence look professional using designing. We establish strong link to your brand to landing pages on your website that converts leads to sales.

Among other marketing companies in Karachi, Pakistan, We at Leaders Corporate help businesses to create an optimal social media presence more effectively that helps them reach out to their potential customers, market services, connect with their customers and engage them to expand their market share.

At Leaders Corporate, we design and manage your entire social media campaign so that you can gain fruitful results for the progress of your business.